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 Be it a Leather bag, wallets, leather jackets, leather belts,   canvas bags, leather shoes, leather sandals, leather   cushions, leather scarfs, leather hats and leather furniture   all under one manufacturing facility.
 Producing complete collection under one roof comes   with many benefits some highlighted below

  •      Complete design and material security

  •      Uniform signatures look all over

  •      Improved collection due to ability to make quick   changes in complete style group

We stared our journey as a custom handbags manufacturers and since then we are adding products step by step. Now from a leather bag manufacturer we become leather goods manufacturer where we provide one stop solution to our client when it comes to leather products. Being a manufacturer of Leather bags, belts, Jackets, sandals, shoes, hats, and other accessories allow us to offer a wide range complete collection under one production facility. This makes sure complete collection offer same look.

 We invite you to opt for an option to set up your own   manufacturing facility without any investment and legal   obligation and risk.

 You can ask us to produce in a shared facility or can opt   for complete dedicated floor / factory just for your   brand.

 We use SAP to manage our production and being   one   the most trusted ERP all around, it makes  production   transparent, easy to access and reliable.

 It's very easy to start as no investment is involved and   you can opt out if you change your mind. 

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